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How Roofers Work With Your Insurance (Homeowners Guide)

If a storm has damaged your home, you're probably already stressed. And now you need…

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how do roofers work with insurance roofer

How to Find a Roof Leak (Step By Step)

If you're experiencing water damage in your home, the first step is to find the…

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how to find a roof leak top view

How Old Is Your Your Roof (5 Ways To Gauge…

Most people don’t really ask how old is my roof? until there’s a leak or…

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how old is my roof corner

Shingle Granule Loss: What It Means For Your Roof

No, granule loss on shingles is not just normal roof wear and tear. While some…

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granule loss on shingles roof

Roof Inspection Checklist For Homeowners (2023 Update)

When’s the last time you had your roof inspected? Be honest.  Never?  Don’t worry; you’re…

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roof inspection checklist

How Long (On Average) Does A Roof Last? [Timeline]

While we all wish our roofs could last forever, that's simply not the case. However,…

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how long does a roof last roof

Should You Stay Home During A Roof Replacement?

We've all had that awkward interaction with a maintenance person in our homes. They're checking…

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should you stay home during a roof repair house

7 of the Most Popular Parks in Colorado Springs (Picture…

Are you trying to plan a trip to Colorado Springs, CO? Or maybe you're already…

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parks in colorado springs hike to hanging lake with river and mountain view

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